Job Description

1. Aggressive and result oriented, able to work independently and as a team 

2. Work closely with Sales persons and process Sales Orders 

3. Work closely with related parties which include Sales Team, Finance, Warehouse, 3rd party transporter and Brands E-commerce Team 

4. Keep track Inventory and update stock issue 

5. After sales documents filling and update online documentation 

6. Perform other related duties as assigned from time to time


1. 1 to 2 years of related experience in sales admin. 

2. Willing to learn and take up new challenges 

3. Able to adapt in the fast pace working environment and putting in extra effort and time to fulfil customer orders 

4. Possess good interpersonal and communication skills, time management, enthusiastic, self-motivated, problem-solving skills, energetic and result-oriented

5. Able to respond fast to customer – communication via phone calls, WhatsApp, WeChat and email

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