Warehousing and Fulfillment

Our fully IT-integrated warehouse enables us to fulfill e-marketplace B2C orders as well as order fulfillment. Every single order from a e-marketplace can be traced and tracked through our extensive system on a real-time basis. We are also experienced at servicing traditional businesses and e-tailers that have stringent order fulfillment requirements. Orders may be managed in loose, carton and/or pallet sales.

Features Available:
  1. We provide customisable storage options (air-conditioned and non) with an unlimited number of SKUs – you only pay for what you use
  1. We can re-package goods for B2B clients (e.g. Buy 2 Free 1 promos)
  1. Precise, system-guided picking based on an advanced paperless system, together with professional packing.
  2. Able to handle fragile or special care items (e.g. flowers, chocolates etc.)
  1. Cloud-based system that allows for order and inventory management in real-time
  2. Parcels can be tracked from warehouse to last mile delivery clearly through the system
  1. Seamless omni-channel experience through multiple e-marketplace and last mile delivery integration.

  2. Our system allows you to sync your total stock weight to all marketplaces on a real-time basis across multiple marketplaces

  1. Providing you the smartest deals and customised packing & delivery options based on your product through our multiple shipment offerings forged through our strong relationship with various logistics partners