Rurutiki has a wealth of experience in providing end to end e-Commerce marketplace management. We simplify the process for you to navigate multi-platform management through our automated solutions for multiple marketplaces and sales channel management via e-marketplace integration.

Nothing is set in stone! We provide customised plans for our clients, depending on their specific needs.

Aside from supporting brands with online sales, we have experience in offering customer engagement services, for products such as food, household products, and skincare.

Through our system, we can sync your total stock weight to all marketplaces on a real-time basis, allowing you to focus on maximizing warehouse stock to drive sales performance on these platforms. We also provide a full suite of e-store management incorporating the following:


  1. E-marketplace liaison
  2. Campaign participation
  3. Promotion budget management
  4. Sales generation
  5. On-site visibility negotiation


  1. On-site banner design and placement
  2. Product/story visualisation
  3. E-marketplace ‘Live’ feature


  1. Live chat and whatsapp
  2. Customer engagement (e.g. contests)
  3. Customer feedback/survey management